6 best exercises to lose calves

6 best exercises to lose calves

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This article tells you the best exercise to lose calf fat. Most weight loss dieters prefer to exercise mainly the upper body, thighs, and abs. There aren’t many people who do diet exercises to lose calves. The reason is that losing calf fat is more difficult than other parts. Also, there is a lack of information on which diet exercise is effective.

Men with calf fat are reluctant to wear shorts, and women cannot easily locate skirts. Having a lot of calf fat causes more stress than other parts of the body that have accumulated. Fat accumulation in the calves is easier than other areas and muscle development is better, so you need the best exercise to lose calf fat.

the cause of calf fat

There are various causes of calf fat. It is caused by the increased load on the lower body as the weight increases. Legs alone do not increase body fat intensively. Body fat builds up in your calves as you gain weight as a whole. (Source)

Women wear high heels a lot. Wearing high heels can make your calves thicker because you use a lot of calf muscles. In particular, calf muscles develop due to incorrect walking while wearing high heels.

Calf fat easily accumulates for long-sitting office workers or service workers who work standing up. In particular, if you have a lot of food intake but less exercise, your calf fat accumulates more easily.

The best exercise to lose calves and lifestyle that helps you lose weight

Avoid wearing high heels

Women enjoy wearing high heels to cover their short stature or to make slim legs. However, wearing high heels for a long time causes imbalance between the core and the lower body, resulting in increased calf fat.

Calf fat is not easy to remove body fat compared to other areas. That’s why you should avoid wearing high heels to lose calf fat.

Stretch your legs often

To lose calf fat, you need to stretch your legs whenever you have time. The calf muscles are more tense and stressful than other areas. You have to stretch your thighs, calves, and ankles often. Stretching your legs often relieves lower body muscle tension and is effective in losing calf fat.

Limit your intake of sodium-rich foods

Eating sodium-rich food causes swelling of the body because it cannot release moisture from the body. And swelling of the thighs and calves happens more easily.

To lose calf fat, you need to limit your sodium-rich diet. Eating foods high in sodium can worsen calf edema, making it difficult to wear shoes in the worst case. If this eating habit persists for a long time, body fat in the calves accumulates more easily, resulting in thick calves.


Carphrase is one of the best exercises to lose calf fat. Carprazee raised his ankle in a standing position It’s effective to lose calf fat just by putting it down. And Carphrase is a diet exercise that can build calf muscles and remove calf fat, with various application methods.

Carphrase strengthens your calves and strengthens your weak ankles. If your ankle is weak, there is a high risk of injury when performing cardio or muscle strength rhymes. That’s why carphrase trains the muscles of your ankles to increase the effectiveness of exercise.

Stretching the calf with a towel

You can use a towel to get rid of the calf fat. Stretching your calves with a towel helps relax your legs and remove body fat.

After hanging the towel you use at home on your feet, stretch from your calves to your thighs. Stretching the calf using a towel removes the thigh and calf fat, and is effective in making a slim lower body.

a bicycle in the sky

Sky bikes are one of the best exercises to lose calf fat, like stepping on a bicycle lung moon while lying down. Sky bicycle is a full-body diet aerobic exercise, and you should use your weight. Beginners should take the same posture as Crunch, a large abdominal muscle exercise to run sky bikes.

And sky bikes are effective in training lower body muscles and removing calf fat. It also helps circulate the blood concentrated in the lower body evenly and is good for removing belly fat by giving tension to the abs.


Flea is the best exercise to lose calf weight. Flea is an application of ballet and is based on the carphrase. Fliet slightly lowered his pelvis in a squat position with his legs wide open and raised his heels crosswise Repeat and down.

Fleece stimulates the inner thigh and removes calf fat. It is a diet exercise that can be easily followed by beginners and has a great exercise effect in a short time.


Squats are diet exercises that train lower body muscles and remove body fat throughout the body. Squats are effective in reducing calf fat by making your legs slim.

Squats are called the best exercise to lose calf fat because they use your weight to effectively remove lower body fat. Squats have various application movements, and it is recommended to do bare-body squats to lose calf fat.

Squats can train lower body muscles and gain hip-up effects by lifting weights using exercise equipment. Beginners should learn and start squat position correctly.


Lunge is the best exercise to lose calf fat. Lunge is a representative lower body exercise and is effective for dieting. Lunge corrects imbalance in both legs and helps remove body fat in thighs and calves.

Starting a lunge using your own weight reduces the risk of injury than doing it with heavy weight. If you do lunge steadily, you can train your core to correct your unbalanced posture and make a slim lower body. In addition, the wider the leg gap of the lunge, the more stimulated the hip muscles and the more powerful they are.


To lose calf fat, you need to stretch your legs and massage your calf whenever you have time. You can’t lose calf fat in a short period of time. You have to do it for a long time to get rid of the body fat of the calf.

And, you should do the best exercise to lose calf fat steadily. Make a slim lower body and calves by exercising your calves at least three times a week for 30 minutes a day.

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