Foot pain is a red light

Foot pain is a red light

Foot massage

Our feet are at the bottom of the body. The feet have a preconceived notion that they smell and are dirty, but they play the most important role in our body to the extent that they are called the second heart in our body.

The feet are like the roots of the human body that bear more than half the weight of each walk, sending blood supplied from the heart up again. So if there is something wrong with the foot, it immediately sends a signal.

Typical red signals include diseases such as intussusception, plantar fasciitis, ankle ligament damage or cartilage damage, ankle arthritis, and toe branch neurosis.

Muji vulva refers to a disease in which the big toe bends outward and the side bone of the big toe protrudes, causing deformation. It is a common disease in women who enjoy wearing high-heeled and tight shoes, and as symptoms progress, abnormal walking can occur, resulting in ankle, knee, and back pain.

Foot fasciitis is an inflammation caused by minute damage to the fascia of the sole of the foot. Physical stress appears to be continuously applied to the plantar fascia due to constant fatigue in the feet, such as working with a lot of activity or standing for a long time. Just stepping on the foot can cause pain, and in severe cases, it can cause walking disorders, adversely affecting the knees, hip joints, and spine.

As such, when foot health deteriorates even a little, walking posture is uncomfortable, and it causes a lot of inconvenience in daily life. Quick diagnosis and treatment are important in the event of foot joint disease because the feet are easily damaged by excessive activity or trauma, and if there is a problem, it is difficult to walk properly.

Nam Ji-hoon, director of SL Seoul Hospital in Yangju, said, “A lot of attention is important to foot health for a high-quality life because foot disease does not end in a single problem of feet, but can break the harmony and balance of the body.” Director Nam Ji-hoon said, “If the duration of the pain continues to increase due to frequent rather than temporary foot pain caused by excessive fatigue, you should visit an orthopedic hospital as soon as possible.”

In addition, Director Nam Ji-hoon said, “It is also important to improve your lifestyle by wearing tight, small shoes that do not usually fit your foot size, and heels that are tilted forward.”

People who usually have pain in the soles of their feet or feel tired even if they walk a little must exercise to strengthen the “inner muscles of their feet.” The inner muscles not only maintain the arch of the foot, but also act like ‘air’ in sneakers. It absorbs the impact on the soles of the feet when walking.

Therefore, correct walking is a prerequisite for full-body joint health, and for this, the sole muscles of the foot must be strong. Here are two exercises that strengthen the foot muscles.

Pulling a towel

Sit upright on the chair. Spread the towel wide on the front floor. Bend your toes, squeeze one end of the towel little by little, and pull it all the way. Repeat 5 to 10 times on the left and right.

Move beads

Sit upright on the chair. Place about 20 small beads or gravel on the front floor. Use your toes to squeeze the beads one by one and transfer them all to a bowl. Repeat 5 to 10 times on the left and right. However, be careful not to bend your waist too much.

If the symptoms are not severe, it can be treated with stretching, aids, injection therapy, or extracorporeal shock wave therapy, but in chronic cases, surgical treatments such as plantar fascia incision can be performed. Recently, there are various non-surgical treatments, and surgical techniques have developed, so it is often possible to treat them relatively simply, so it is recommended to consult a specialist for appropriate treatment.

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