What a 5km run brings me

What a 5km run brings me

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Most of them wrote about their anxiety about the future as if they had just entered their 40s, but when they turned around, they were already in their mid-40s. Since every day is a series of constant repetitions, and most of the daily lives are hovering only in fixed places due to COVID-19, the concept of time passing may be ignorant.

The movement is also not what it used to be. If I go to work, I will burn calories because I have to struggle to go to work, but these days, when I can’t get out of the house, my body continues to accumulate and emit nutrients in proportion to whether winter is approaching or eating. But if you don’t eat, it’s not to the point of senility, but what are you doing with age?I do wonder. Eating one ramen won’t cut my life span.

Then a friend ran.

I didn’t think much of it at first. Then one day, the man in his mid-40s looked pretty cool. And at a time when I thought I wouldn’t be able to run any more if it wasn’t now, or if I thought it was too late, I followed him and ran.

My first goal was 5 kilometers. There was no particular reason, but my friend was running 5km like that, so I thought I could run easily.

However, it failed to look good. When I ran the first 1km, my body began to horribly refuse to run. The people walking next to the rising breath gasped embarrassingly, and their stomach, sides, and chest were full of pain. Besides, my knees and ankles weren’t the same as before, enduring my nearly 90kg body.

I ran for about two to three days a week for about a month, but I didn’t always go over two to three kilometers. It was not easy to endure the pain of various organs coming in, and there were concerns that I might hurt my body while running too hard. It was a reasonable decision I’m confident, but it was just hard.

In fact, it is not easy to run for 20 minutes without a break. I saw 1km and 2km too easily. However, running is not easy, but it is also true that our bodies show surprisingly adapting to running self.

Here’s what I felt.

1. Usually, the body suffered from pain from 1/3 of the distance it runs (for example, if it runs 3km, 1km). It can come to the side, chest, abdomen, or combination of these pains. It’s not easy to bear. However, if you run more, this pain disappears. Like magic.

Looking at the table above, it is common sense that it gets harder as time goes by, but the speed per km is faster and the heart rate is increasing. The speed decreased at 3 km, which is when the side or chest hurts. Beyond that part, the pain disappears.

2. When entering the 1/3 point above, the breathing becomes somewhat steep. Naturally, the average heart rate fluctuates between 160 and 170. The breathing becomes somewhat rough and the breathing continues to narrow, but after some point, the breathing returns. Like magic.

3. Once pain and breathing are cleared, then endurance. My legs have to bear it. You won’t need a ton of thigh muscles like anyone, but some thigh muscles are essential. Otherwise, it is known to damage the knee. Therefore, if you are overweight and lack thigh muscles, running is not recommended. I’m in that category, but my thigh muscles are pretty… …but my knees hurt. For your information, it strengthens the knee muscles, and the stairs are the best. I played squad while watching TV, but I don’t play this often. My ankle hurts along with my knee. Once my ankle hurt, I didn’t overdo it. I’ve heard a lot that my feet suddenly loosened and fell down.

4. There may be vague concerns that if you don’t run every day, you will go back to square one, but that’s not the case. It is believed that if only three times a week, or two times a week is not significantly reduced.

5. I want to take off the mask. Then I think you can play more. This is just hope. There are people who play down and running around, just… That’s okay.

And yesterday, I ran over five kilometers, I ran over 5km. I think it’s not a star.It wasn’t a really simple thing to play with about 40 minutes. It was a bit boring, and I thought it was a little bit comfortable. In fact, it was a day that I didn’t eat a few months ago. I ran into the thought of the calibration of the garden, but it was okay, but it felt like fishing. I… 5km…

In fact, it doesn’t move dramatic. Unlike dinner, when I went to the bathroom, 500g to 1kg to 1kg to the bathroom next morning. That’s why…I don’t know, but I’m 90kg. At 90kg, that kind of movement is not good. After running for about a month like that, I think I lost about 2kg.

However, the fact that I’m trying to do something for my body is quite positive. I believe that losing weight and becoming healthy is important in responding to positive signals throughout my behavior, and I think that there should be persistence in that mindset. In that sense, I’m trying to make you think that you’re investing something for yourself rather than playing, so you have to keep doing it even if you’re lazy.

He injected a prescription for running again into his damn body, which experienced numerous diets in his 30s and returned to its place despite many achievements. It will not be easy, but I will continue to run and try to write 10km achievement in the next article.

Running is really good. It’s still good.

However, it is a bit embarrassing because it seems like he is excited about running 5km.

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